What I wish I knew about Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur for 8 years now, there have been ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad. However, there is so much about entrepreneurship as a whole that was hidden from me. Truths that have been kept secret. Truths I have had to uncover on my own. Let’s go over a few; ItContinue reading “What I wish I knew about Entrepreneurship”

Be Audacious

Dear Founder,  Just a kind reminder – You won’t always get an invite to a seat at the table, sometimes you need to create your own round table. Sometimes you need to be AUDACIOUS – “take bold risks”  That may mean charting your own path! Carving your own table! Sending invites to like minded people and makingContinue reading “Be Audacious”

Your youth is your strength

I probably hear – “your too young” every other day.  Too young to be in my leadership positions, Too young to have such wide impact, Too young to have a seat at the table.  I simply translate it to – “you have achieved more at 25 than most accomplish over decades.” I chose long ago to seeContinue reading “Your youth is your strength”