Hello from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!  This last weekend I was honored to attend the Breakthrough 3rd anniversary in Ethiopia as we celebrated INSANE GROWTH AND ACHIEVEMENTS in YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND JOB CREATION.  1. In 3 years the Ethiopia branch has created 21,000 jobs for young Ethiopians earning over $3,000 a month on average.  2. CompanyContinue reading “CELEBRATING PROGRESS”

Celebrating my Co-Founder

This last weekend in Kampala, Uganda we celebrated the marriage of my Arielle for Africa LTD Co-Founder, Feruz Semere.  She was the most beautiful bride and it was an honor to be there for her big day.  Part of being a Co-Founder is understanding how much weight that title carries. Most may take that relationship for granted but letContinue reading “Celebrating my Co-Founder”

Entrepreneurship for African Universities

Earlier this week I was in Ghana speaking at Ashesi University alongside Didintle, a star alumni from Botho University. At the Education Collaborative I was honored to share my journey as an entrepreneur and how African Universities can build better structures to service future founders.  My Alma Mater Riara University was also present at the convening and I was honoredContinue reading “Entrepreneurship for African Universities”


I was honored this week to speak at “The African Union Youth Humanitarian Pre-Summit and Pledging Conference.” My contribution focused on the practical ways we can begin to use the Free Movement Protocol and the AfCFTA through Youth engagement and involvement to build the Africa we want in 2063.  I firmly believe that it is time theContinue reading “SPEAKING TO THE CONTINENT”

Trailblazing CSO Leader 2021

From 150 nominated names, I was selected among 17 trailblazing CSO leaders, recognized for their role in championing youth development in 2021. Deeply honored and humbled by this award from BeRelevant Africa led by one of the greatest leaders of our generation Mwila Chriseddy Bwanga.  Looking forward to doing so much more for African youth in 2022. 

FuturesReport 2021

I was asked to contribute to the #FuturesReport21 a few months ago by UNDP Africa.  The greatest honor for me is to know that my chapter will be featured alongside the Secretary General of the AfCFTA Secretariat and the UN Assistant Secretary General for UNDP Africa.  The report will be launched tomorrow at the #IATF2021 in Durban.  The #AfCFTA is the first stepContinue reading “FuturesReport 2021”

Appointed the Ambassador to the East African Business Council

November came with unexpected wins and appointments that further show me that I am the change I have been waiting for in this continent. I am the solution to the problem and I have to take responsibility to help build the Africa we want and need. I am honored to announce that I have beenContinue reading “Appointed the Ambassador to the East African Business Council”