Trailblazing CSO Leader 2021

From 150 nominated names, I was selected among 17 trailblazing CSO leaders, recognized for their role in championing youth development in 2021. Deeply honored and humbled by this award from BeRelevant Africa led by one of the greatest leaders of our generation Mwila Chriseddy Bwanga.  Looking forward to doing so much more for African youth in 2022. 

FuturesReport 2021

I was asked to contribute to the #FuturesReport21 a few months ago by UNDP Africa.  The greatest honor for me is to know that my chapter will be featured alongside the Secretary General of the AfCFTA Secretariat and the UN Assistant Secretary General for UNDP Africa.  The report will be launched tomorrow at the #IATF2021 in Durban.  The #AfCFTA is the first stepContinue reading “FuturesReport 2021”

Appointed the Ambassador to the East African Business Council

November came with unexpected wins and appointments that further show me that I am the change I have been waiting for in this continent. I am the solution to the problem and I have to take responsibility to help build the Africa we want and need. I am honored to announce that I have beenContinue reading “Appointed the Ambassador to the East African Business Council”

I took the leap!

I can officially call myself an author!

Yes everyone, I finally took the leap and wrote a book.

It honestly feels crazy to know that I wrote an entire book in 7 days and I will be officially published in Mid October.

This brings me to my message for the week – Just take the leap!

Greater than…

Your purpose, passion and pursuit is greater than your fear. I meet people, amazing people, people that allow their fear keep them from their purpose. The fear of failure, fear of doubt and fear of being wrong. This paralyzing fear is the reason why that dream stays on a note pad, in a journal orContinue reading “Greater than…”

What I wish I knew about Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur for 8 years now, there have been ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad. However, there is so much about entrepreneurship as a whole that was hidden from me. Truths that have been kept secret. Truths I have had to uncover on my own. Let’s go over a few; ItContinue reading “What I wish I knew about Entrepreneurship”

Be Audacious

Dear Founder,  Just a kind reminder – You won’t always get an invite to a seat at the table, sometimes you need to create your own round table. Sometimes you need to be AUDACIOUS – “take bold risks”  That may mean charting your own path! Carving your own table! Sending invites to like minded people and makingContinue reading “Be Audacious”