Arielle for Africa

Arielle Roaring for Africa Ltd (ARFA) is a Social Enterprise founded in 2019 to support entrepreneurs through a tailor made approach to their business needs, team dynamics and current situation. We support entrepreneurs end to end in their journey, from structuring their business to expanding to new markets and fundraising. Our approach is specific to the needs of each entrepreneur with experts across five continents and 13 industries.

The company has 4 main Business Units;

1. Arielle for Entrepreneurship; Supporting Entrepreneurs/Business Owners from across the continent. Launch support, Product/Service testing, Strategy, Legal support, Streamlined Operations,  Business Coaching, Connections to Partners and Investment. 

ARFA approaches training and supporting entrepreneurs in a unique way. We believe in providing a tailor-made curriculum based on the pain points of each entrepreneur. Each entrepreneur is different and thus we do not support them the same. We support each entrepreneur that has gone through the program for up to five years through our sustainability program.

We. are currently working one on one with entrepreneurs to provide tailor made support for launch, MVP, fundraising, business development and cross-continental trade. Book a one on one meeting to learn more;

2. Arielle for Corporate Leadership; This arm of the company has a range of support options from the JENGA BOSS program to build your management team to think differently to showing Corporates how to integrate ESG into their operations. 

3. Arielle for Financial Literacy; Education the continent on how to build wealth sustainably from saving and budgeting to investment and having the right money mindset. 

We have launched our MONEY MATTERS program with Riara University available here;

4. Arielle for Technology; Launching soon: From building an AI Hub in North Africa to launching a technology focused program to support entrepreneurs to leverage on a digital strategy for growth. 

Our aim is to create over 100,000 jobs in Africa by 2030 through successful entrepreneurship. Our mandate is simple: to give all we can and more for every African that joins the Arielle for Africa family.

Edith Njage currently serves as the company CEO and the Chief Steward.

She serves head in hand with her Co-Founder to build out the company strategy and lead this organization supporting more than 5,000 entrepreneurs through strategic alliances.

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