Making Entrepreneurship FUN!

Dear Founder,

“Running a business should be fun!” 

Contrary to popular belief, being an entrepreneur is not all work, doom and gloom. 

Some of us actually have a blast most days. We laugh, we celebrate and we enjoy the company of those around us. 

Sometimes we look forward to the long work day knowing it will not only be challenging but will also include some fun times.

So, if you are an entrepreneur wondering how I am having so much fun at work remember this, the choice to be grateful and joyful is entirely your own. 

“How you choose to see the world, your current circumstance and entrepreneurship is your choice.” 

Hoping this helps you humanise an otherwise very difficult job 🙏🏾

Make that joke,
Dance to your favourite tunes, 
Call a colleague for a drink and share the joy! 


Published by Edith Njage

Chief Steward, Director, Social Entrepreneur, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

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