Serving my Continent in 2022

I spent most of the last quarter of 2021 on flights and getting COVID tests, a price I was more than happy to pay to see my continent and her beautiful people.

As I travelled from one city to the next for work, education and of course enjoyment, one thing was clear, I was made for this continent and I cannot imagine serving elsewhere.

As the world prepared to step into the new year and wrote down goals or resolutions, my question was simple, “Africa how do I serve you better?”

How do I serve your people better?

How do I represent your youth?

South Africa

Whilst most would jump at the opportunity to live in other continents or run after ‘a better life’, I have never been filled with such joy in my homeland.

Each day I love my culture, my people and our languages more and more. As a result I am choosing to begin this new year with a pledge to my continent and her people.

I will do whatever it takes, go wherever I need to go and sacrifice what must be sacrificed for THE AFRICA WE WANT and NEED

In 2022 I will pursue;

  1. Jobs for the African Youth
  2. Resources and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in the Continent
  3. Wealth for African Women

As I work to become a better leader, founder and mentor I will work RELENTLESSLY to do my part in rebuilding this great land.

LET’S GO 2022!

Published by Edith Njage

Chief Steward, Director, Social Entrepreneur, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

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