FuturesReport 2021

I was asked to contribute to the #FuturesReport21 a few months ago by UNDP Africa. 

The greatest honor for me is to know that my chapter will be featured alongside the Secretary General of the AfCFTA Secretariat and the UN Assistant Secretary General for UNDP Africa. 

The report will be launched tomorrow at the #IATF2021 in Durban. 

The #AfCFTA is the first step towards building “THE AFRICA WE WANT” and we are the next step! 

We must do our part now that the agreement is in play. ARISE AFRICA! Rise and shine like the star you are! 


Quote from the FUTURES REPORT

Published by Edith Njage

Chief Steward, Director, Social Entrepreneur, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

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