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Chief Steward, Director, Social Entrepreneur, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

“Creating 1,000,000 meaningful jobs for African youth in this decade.”


About Edith Njage

  • Edith Njage is a Social and Serial Entrepreneur based in Africa. She holds a Master of Science in International Business with a major in Disruptive Innovation and a Master of Science in Finance, both from HULT International Business School.
  • Edith also holds Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance and a Bachelor in Business Management with a major in Economics.
  • She is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Beyond Africa, a context-specific and inclusive sales system that empowers and creates jobs for Africa’s under-represented groups whilst helping businesses expand goods and services into new markets. Headquarters of the continental group of companies is currently present in; Ethiopia, Kenya, Cameroon and South Sudan.
  • Newly appointed Board Member for the AIESEC International Supervisory Group advising the lead team in Canada.
  • Edith is the Co-Founder and Chief Steward of Arielle for Africa LTD which supports entrepreneurs end to end in their journey, from structuring their business to expanding to new markets and fundraising. The approach is specific to the needs of each entrepreneur with experts across five continents and 13 industries. They are currently working with entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Libya, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.
  • She is a Certified Business Coach with experience working with businesses to scale, grow, fundraise and maximize their potential in current and new markets.
  • Co-founder of Africa’s Brain Hub based in South Africa. The Hub is committed to cultivating change makers and innovators in key areas of focus, including energy innovation, financial inclusion, climate change innovation, and agriculture innovation. 
  • She has been awarded an associate member title of Association of Business Executives; worked with over 70 cultures and has spoken on different platforms around the world. She maintains Exponential finance and business consultant skills used by companies all over Europe and the USA.
  • Edith is an avid reader, podcast show host (The Young Black Female CEO Podcast and Our African Story Podcast) and author.

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Business Coaching

Business owners, entrepreneurs and founders from all over the world have taken direct advise, tips and coaching from Edith Njage over the last 8 years.

As a certified business coach she will help you;

  1. Increase your market share
  2. Expand and scale to other markets
  3. Secure funding from investors
  4. Align your team to the company vision
  5. Position your business for success
  6. Disrupt your business plan, business model and revenue model for success.
  7. Launch your brand
  8. Increase your revenues long term

Corporate Consulting

A strong academic background paired with disruptive and innovative thinking makes Edith a great choice for Corporate consulting or advisory in areas such as;

  1. New product/service launch
  2. Business Strategy
  3. Global business
  4. Emerging markets
  5. Corporate finance
  6. Revenue Growth
  7. Team leadership, change and agility.

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Edith Njage

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